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About Lao Cai (Sapa) Railway Station

Home to many local and ethnic hill tribes, Lao Cai is a province in the northwest of Vietnam adorned by stunning mountainous sights. This province has become a popular tourist destination in Vietnam that offers natural landscapes of waterfalls, traditional villages and mountainside rice terraces. Situated approximately 8 hours from Hanoi by train, many travellers opt to ride a train to travel to Lao Cai. Not only it helps to cut down the travel cost with the affordable train ticket pricebut passengers are also guaranteed to have a comfortable train ride throughout the journey. 

Lao Cai Station (Sapa) serves as the last station for the route that runs between Hanoi and Lao Cai. Kunming – Hai Phong border-crossing rail services are also served between Kunming in China and Hai Phong in Vietnam where the train passes and stops by many railway stations including Lao Cai. While on the north of Lao Cai (Sapa) train station, the railway network continues to serve crossing Nanxi River to enter China, but this service only applies to freight trains. 

Lao Cai and Sapa are two cities that are placed close to the border of China that was formerly known as key-trading place. Now the cities are famed as prominent sightseeing destinations by many foreign tourists. With the establishment of railway services, travellers can just easily hop on a train to commute to Lao Cai. The types of trains provided are special express trains and local trains. The former has four departures while the latter offers two departures per day to and from Lao Cai. 

How to Get to Lao Cai Station (Sapa) 

The best way to get to Lao Cai Station (Sapa) is by boarding a train from any train station along the route that serves a stop in Lao Cai. There are many railway stations served before Lao Cai Station (Sapa), some of them include Hanoi, Viet Tri, Yen Bai, Bao Ha and Pho Lu. The travel duration differs by the departing station, hence, the longer the distance, the longer the travel time. For example, from Hanoi, passengers will have an 8-hour night train. That is why the trains are completed with berths on board. If travelling from other train lines, travellers can make an interchange at Hanoi station. To find out more, travellers can refer to the train map and timetable. 

Other than boarding a train, travellers can use taxi and bus to go to Lao Cai Station (Sapa). Many bus operators offer express tourist buses for the journey from Hanoi to Lao Cai, so travellers can take these direct buses to get to Lao Cai. Once arrived at the bus station in Lao Cai, grab a taxi for a short distance ride to Lao Cai rail station. 

Popular Train Operators in Lao Cai Station (Sapa) 

Four train operators serve train services in Lao Cai Station (Sapa) namely Violette Express, King Express, Livitrans Express and Vietnam National Railway. The trains provided by each operator have different on-board features such as the types of berths and the range of facilities installed in the coach.  

Popular Train Route 

Popular train route from Lao Cai Station (Sapa) in Vietnam  

Amenities in Lao Cai Station (Sapa) 

Several facilities such as toilets and ticket counters are available within the building of Lao Cai Station (Sapa) for guests and passengers to use at their convenience. This train station operates using the usual opening hour. Having some food stalls situated just nearby to the rail station, passengers can stop by at the stalls for snacks or drinks while waiting for the train to arrive. Parking spaces are also provided for friends or family members to send off their loved ones.  

Top features: 

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As one of the operating railway stations in VietnamLao Cai Station (Sapa) is the final train stop for the route Hanoi – Lao Cai. The railway network linked in Lao Cai helps to ease the journey for travellers who wish to travel between Hanoi and Lao Cai. A trip to Lao Cai will be worthwhile as the province is famous for many exciting and nature-based attractions stored in the area. 

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Lao Cai Station (Sapa)

Tổ 26A, Phố Mới, Tp. Lào Cai, Lào Cai, Vietnam

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