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Train Stations

About Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station

Operates 24 hours a day, the Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station is located just right across the car park of the said airport providing travellers efficient shuttle trains with multiple train schedules directly to the train station of Phnom Penh. Opting for these shuttle trains are amongst the convenient ways to commute between the city and Phnom Penh Airport in which the trains run every 90 minutes and take about 40 minutes to ride to the city.  
Should travellers have any queries, ticketing counters of the airport shuttle trains are located at the arrival area of Phnom Penh Airport. Nonetheless, it is advisable to make an early online booking of Phnom Penh Airport shuttle train tickets with Easybook to avoid queueing and unnecessary drawbacks. 

How to Get to Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station 

Get to Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station hassle-free via airport tuk-tuks, including airport taxis in which these transportations are known to have fixed fares to the airport from the city centre. Travellers can as well book a KK Star airport express bus from their contracted accommodations or board a city bus number 3 for a cheap transportation option to Phnom Penh Airport. Once arriving at the airport’s arrival area, walk directly across the car parking lot area to the train station 

Popular Train Operator 

Cambodia’s sole train operator, namely the Royal Railways Cambodia, provides train services with different train schedules to Phnom Penh Railway Station from Phnom Penh Airport with the affordable train ticket price. Enjoy affordable train fares of Royal Railways Cambodia made availed at Easybook online booking platform.  

Popular Route 

Popular train route from Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station in Cambodia. 

Facilities in Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station 

Guests have access to an air-conditioned waiting room with ample seating, together with an information counter should one have any queries while waiting for their trains to arrive. Another facility like ticketing counters currently is not available at Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station. 

Book Affordable Train Tickets at Easybook 

Here at Easybook, we provide a seamless online booking platform for users to book train tickets without much hassle. Quickly browse through several listed train timetable to and from Phnom Penh Airport train Station to the city centre with us today and receive your e-tickets instantly to your email inbox. 

Phnom Penh Airport Railway Station

Phnom Penh Airport Rail Station, 12000 Angkor Phnom Penh St, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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