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About Suoi Kiet Railway Station

Located along the coast within the South-Central region in Vietnam, Binh Thuan is one of the many provinces can be found in the country. The province’s primary economic resources are sea activities including fishing as well as fish sauce processing.  

Within Binh Thuan Province lies a rail station known as Suoi Kiet Train StationSuoi Kiet Station is a halt for trains running from Saigon to pass through the Binh Thuan Province. Despite its minuscule size, the train station provides convenience for those running in and out of the area. 

How to get to Suoi Kiet Station 

The fastest way of getting to Suoi Kiet Railway Station is by boarding a taxi. Taxi services within Vietnam are widely available although it is advisable to board metered taxis to avoid high charges. Another feasible alternative to get to the train station is by taking train services as several trains make a stop in Suoi Kiet Station 

Popular Train Service  

A primary train operator that provides efficient services within Suoi Kiet Train Station is the Vietnam Railways. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes in Suoi Kiet StationVietnam 

Facilities in Suoi Kiet Station 

Suoi Kiet Station is a small railway station within the province of Binh Thuan. Although it is small, the train station is equipped with several facilities for the convenience of everyone who passes through the station.  

Inside the railway station, a ticket counter can be accessed to purchase rail ticketsTrain schedules for several train services can be viewed within the train station. A waiting area is also provided equipped with a roof for shelter as well as several benches to wait for train departures.  

Top facilities: 


With efficient train services provided ensuring on-time departures as well as arrivals, several train timetables are offered in Suoi Kiet Train StationTrain tickets can now be conveniently purchased through an online booking site onboard many trains with tickets available at affordable prices.  Book a train ticket on Easybook now and enjoy affordable train fares for travels in Vietnam. 

Suoi Kiet Railway Station

Tinh Lo 720, Suoi Kiet, Tanh Linh, Bình Thuan, Vietnam
+84 252 3587 171

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