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About Trang Railway Station

Situated in Southern Thailand, Trang wonderfully treasures beautiful beaches, clear blue seawater and stunning underwater life that are perfect for those who need to have a fantastic holiday trip. Aside from offering breath-taking islands and beaches, the city of Trang also has good portrayal and influence of Thai culture, which gives the opportunity for travellers to experience the city like a local. With the accessibility of railway network from various destinations, now everyone can travel to Trang conveniently by train.

Trang Railway Station began its operation since 1913 on the Southern Line section for the route between Kantang and Huai Yot. This train station is a famous stop for easier access to the islands in Andaman Sea. There are two types of train services available from Trang rail station which are Rapid and Express Train. The express train is the fastest train service while Rapid train runs at a slightly slower speed.

As most travellers would opt to take a train for the long-distance journey to cut down the travel cost, the route from Bangkok to Trang is listed as one of the popular routes. The train trips run accordingly by the train timetable and it is usually limited to few trips per day.

How to Get to Trang Train Station

The best way to get to Trang Railway Station directly is by taking the train via Southern Line that commutes to Trang. Travellers are required to refer to the train map and timetable to see which route that passes by and stops at Trang station. For example, it takes around 15 hours for the train from Bangkok to arrive at Trang train station.

Another way to get to Trang rail station from any location within the city is by taking the local public transportations: tuk-tuk and songthaew. These two public ride services are available anywhere, so travellers can hop on any of the carriers to go to Trang Railway Station. Tuk-tuk and songthaew are also accessible from nearby landmarks such as Trang Hospital and several hotels, which are all distanced by only 10-15 minutes to Trang train station.

Popular Train Operator in Trang Railway Station

Trains served at Trang Railway Station are entirely managed by State Railway of Thailand. This public railway operator is the only train service provider in the country that handles train trips and railway stations on four different lines which are Northern Line, Southern Line, North-Eastern Line and Eastern Line. With various train routes provided, travellers can go to any destination they prefer by train easily.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Trang Railway Station

Facilities in Trang Railway Station

Trang Railway Station has basic facilities installed for public use such as toilets, benches and waiting area. Guests and passengers can find a convenience store and cafés located just beside the train station to buy some food or snacks while waiting for departure. Trang rail station runs the usual opening hour. There is also a tuk-tuk stand where travellers can grab a ride for a transfer to the hotel or any location of their choice from the train station.

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Being one of the many railway stations in Thailand, Trang rail station operates its services via the Southern Line that covers the Kantang – Huai Yot – Kantang route. This includes the popular train route between Bangkok and Trang. Trang is adorned by many beautiful attractions that are enough to keep tourists entertained throughout the whole trip.

With a hassle-free online booking platform, purchasing train tickets can be done flexibly at home. Train tickets can be booked by customising the train trip. Train fare is fared within an affordable range of prices. More details about the train schedule and train ticket price can be reviewed through the online booking system!

Trang Railway Station Contact Details:

2 Nang Yuan, Tambon Thap Thiang, Amphoe Mueang Trang, Chang Wat Trang 92000, Thailand
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