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Battambang is the second largest capital city in Cambodia and usually overlooked by many. If you are looking for a friendly city without the city buzz filled with tourists and traffic, then Battambang is perfect for you. The city comes with very different delights from its community to the artsy boutique hotels, yet still a place we would recommend to visit if you are looking for a peace of mind or do some work with a clear mind.


There are no train services available at Battambang and the nearest airport you can find is located at Siem Reap, so you can only get a bus to Battambang which takes approximately 6 hours from Phnom Penh. You are most likely to be taking a bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang in this case. After having to go through such a long journey on the bus to Battambang, you will want to make sure you get the best experience and we promise you Battambang will not disappoint.


Besides the obvious thing to do which is visiting the temples, we have decided to share some other alternative ideas and activities should you decide to visit Battambang, Cambodia in the near future:


Food galore

It is almost impossible to go to a city and not trying their local food. Because Battambanghas many expatriates, many great spots are being established to also cater to them, tourists and fellow food lovers in the city. There are many roadside stalls with cheap but delicious local food. For those of you looking to dine in a chic restaurant, you need to check out Pomme d'Amour for a twist of French and Khmer cuisines. Jaan Bai is one of the hottest F&B spots in Battambang at the moment that fuses Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai into their tapas. This restaurant earns extra points because the profits at Jaan Bai goes to the Cambodian Children’s Trust. Although the café culture is not as big as they have in Phnom Penh, there are a number of decent spots for good coffee and environment with the noteworthy Kinyei Café for the best coffee and breakfast in town.


Bamboo train

It is literally what it is called. Due to the lack of train services in Cambodia itself, the people have created this bamboo train that operates on the track outside of Battambang. This serves as the shuttle service for farm animals, rice and even people to travel around. You will basically sit on a wooden bamboo platform connected to a steel frame with wheels and a small engine. This is an amazing way to experience Battambang and its surroundings while the bamboo train goes 40 km per hour. If there is another coming from the other direction, the train with the least number of people will be taken apart to make way for the other train to pass. This takes an impressive short amount of time as well.You know you need to grab that bus to Battambang to experience the bamboo train or more familiarly known as a “norry.”


Boutique hotels

Many gorgeous yet affordable boutique hotels are popping up in Battambang. Let us share with you some of the most impressive boutique hotels that stand out in the city. Bambu Hotel is the most talked about boutique hotel in Battambang and is situated just two blocks away from the waterfront. Besides the owners are great hosts, the two-storey colonial-inspired building are inspired by great architectures with Khmer timber houses at the back of the building.The other one you need to know is the peaceful Maisons Wat Kor located 15 minutes away from the city by a tuk tuk, which is a bike transport with a two-wheeled carriage to travel around. Imagine getting a massage by a beautiful lotus pond, enjoying authentic Khmer food and surrounded by amazing architectures, you are assured to be relaxed when you are at Maisons Wat Kor. Add Bric-à-Brac into the must visit list for its vintage rooms built within an old colonial quarter with some of the most interesting furnishings. Located just one minute walk away from Sangker River, this boutique hotel has only 3 rooms available to book from named Coloniale, Indochine and Orientale that overlooks the city. There are also craft workshops and cooking classes available for guests at Bric-à-Brac.


Ride the bicycle

Many of us who are living in the city sometimes find it hard to be able to just cycle around the city, but in Battambang it is pretty essential. Beside getting around easily, renting a bicycle is the best way to learn more about the place and local folks too. You will be able to find plenty of bike rental shops around you and some will offer bike tours as well. Either way, you will just need to follow the river where you will be seeing the locals, experiencing the food stalls and get a lot of peace and quiet. If you are adventurous, you could even cycle up to the Ek Phnom temple up North. This will make that journey by bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang that much more memorable.


Art spaces

Battambang is for those who prefer a quieter pace than the bustling life. Being a city that is rich in culture and art, Battambang naturally offers many art spaces and museums that can be considered some of the best in Cambodia. Among some of the noteworthy spots are ROMCHEIK 5 Art Space, Sangker Gallery, Maek Make Art Space, Tep Kao Sol and Sammaki Art Space.You will be able to experience the many sides of Cambodia and Battambang even at these art spaces. This is a great way to take a peep into the lives of the people.


Hope those are enough to attract you to plan a trip with bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang. It is always a good idea to slow it down at a quieter town after a bustling city stop like Phnom Penh to end a trip on your getaways. Gather your friends and book your bus tickets easily with Easybook’s website or on the app with your mobile devices. Don’t forget to tag us in your Battambang photos that you will be sharing on social media as well!

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