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Ferry Ticket from Ancol Marina Port to Tidung Island

Ferry Ticket From Ancol Marina Port to Tidung Island

Among the islands of Kepulauan Seribu, Tidung is the most famous and visited by both domestic and oversea tourists. The most iconic landmark of Tidung Island, is of course, Jembatan Cinta (the Bridge of Love). Jembatan Cinta itself is the bridge that connects Tidung Kecil Island to Tidung Besar Island, and vice versa. Jembatan Cinta can be passed through by a small speedboat from the under. Either the existence of Jembatan Cinta or the romantic, short travel by a speed boat to explore the Tidung Besar or Tidung Kecil Islands become the magnet for tourists to give a visit.

If you visit Tidung Island with family or friends, you will collect lots of unforgettably sweet memories because, in this island, you can do many exciting activities such as snorkeling, banana boat, and even playing in the sand where the water is crystal clear. You can also opt to grill squid and enjoy the dish right at the beach while enjoying the scenery. One of the typical snacks in Tidung Island is breadfruit chips that are often enjoyed by the tourists who await the famous sunset in Tidung Island. In addition, visitors can also feed the fish while seeing the sights of coral reefs that appeal tourists to give the snorkeling a try.

How to Get to Tidung Island?

You can reach this island with Sea Leader Marine, a speed boat from Marina Ancol Jakarta to Tidung Island with approximately a one-hour journey. The speed boat tickets can be ordered online at Easybook.com for a more practical and easier experience of arranging your vacation plan. There is no way you will run out of tickets. Tidung Island is so popular that tickets can be sold out anytime. So, let Easybook.com do the hard work and you can be confident, the next vacation in Tidung Island is yours.

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