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Ha Noi Railway Station

Regarded as one of the most ancient capitals in the world, Ha Noi is famed for its silks and handicrafts, delectable cuisines as well as vibrant nightlife. Its city centre displays an array of ancient pagodas, unique museums and well-preserved colonial buildings with a multi-cultural community composed of French, Chinese as well as Russian influences. 
Ha Noi Railway Station or Ga Ha Noi in Vietnamese, is one of the many railway stations established in Vietnam which was formerly known as Hang Co Railway Station. The rail station was built and launched in 1902 and has always been deemed as one of Vietnam’s most significant transportation hub. After surviving great wars, Ha Noi Railway Station has been consistently rebuilt and restored assisting in the transportation of passengers and goods around Vietnam. 

How to Get to Ha Noi Railway Station 

Air travellers flying into Hanoi will disembark in Noi Bai International Airport. The airport is situated about a 40-minute taxi ride from Hanoi’s Old Quarter whereby only a short walk is needed from the Old Quarter to get to Ha Noi Railway Station. 
Several other modes of transportations are widely available to get to Ha Noi Railway Station. These transfers include bus, minibus as well as taxi. For more laid-back transit from the city centre to the rail stationcyclos (three-wheeled bicycle taxi) and xe om (Vietnam motorbike taxi), as well as pick-up and drop off travellers at the train station. 

Popular Train Services  

Two primary operators providing train services within Ha Noi Railway Station are Violette Train and Livitrans. 

Popular Train Routes and Schedules 

Popular train routes from Ha Noi Railway Station in Ha NoiVietnam 

Facilities and Features in Ha Noi Railway Station  

The train station in Ha Noi is divided into two distinctive stops namely Station A and Station B whereby the main stop is located under 2 kilometres away from the centre of Old Quarter.  Nearby its main doors, a ticket office offering several ticket counters is situated on the left with large posters displaying train timetables as well as train ticket prices 
A waiting room is also provided inside the rail station placed on the right side of its main entrance and doors to the train tracks that run along the back wall nearby the entrance. A car park is accessible just outside the train station 
Station A provides a variety of food and beverages options with small stalls, a fast food chain and a few vendors running on the platforms. Station B however has fewer food options and supply trains primarily going up to the north.  
Top facilities in Ha Noi Railway Station: 


Take a stroll in the original streets of the Old Quarter to explore a variety of vintage merchandises. Dine in exquisite local hawkers at every corner while uncovering a transforming art scene and delve into the city’s eccentric past. Ha Noi’s countryside on the other hand offers a tranquil panorama featuring traditional villages, lush parks and verdant mountains.  
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Ha Noi Railway Station

120 Le Duan, Van Mieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
(+84) (0)24-39423949

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