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Maju Express Transport & Service Pte Ltd

Plusliner Maju Express (Singapore) now offers daily trip from Singapore to East Coast & Peninsular Malaysia effective December 2012 onwards. Maju Express will be launching new route from Singapore to Mersing, Kuala Rompin, Pekan and Kuantan apart from Malacca.

There are numbers on Maju Express buses. Maju Express allocate numbers to differentiate each of the following routes to prevent any confusion. Route 38 - Kuala Lumpur, Teluk Intan & Lumut. Route 85 - Mersing, Kuantan & Kuala Terengganu. Route 96 - Pontian. Route 97 - Malacca. Route 98 - Alor Setar, Kangar & Kuala Perlis

Singapore Office:
Maju Express Transport & service Pte Ltd
200 Jalan Sultan,
#01-33 Textile Centre,
Singapore 199018.

Tel : +65 6293 4773

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Latest updated Coach Schedules of Maju Express.

FromFrom Sub PlaceToTo Sub PlaceDeparture TimeCoach TypeCurrencyPrice/ticket
MalaccaMelaka SentralSingaporeTextile Centre08:30 AM(MAJU)SVIP29SGD15.50
MalaccaMelaka SentralSingaporeTextile Centre02:00 PM(MAJU)SVIP29SGD15.50
MalaccaMelaka SentralSingaporeTextile Centre07:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29SGD15.50
PahangKuantan (Terminal Sentral)SingaporeTextile Centre06:00 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/8SGD26.50
PahangPekanSingaporeTextile Centre06:45 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/8SGD26.50
SingaporeTextile CentreJohorMersing10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD36.00
SingaporeTextile CentreMalaccaMelaka Sentral08:30 AM(MAJU)SVIP29SGD23.00
SingaporeTextile CentreMalaccaMelaka Sentral02:15 PM(MAJU)SVIP29SGD23.00
SingaporeTextile CentrePahangKuala Rompin10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD36.00
SingaporeTextile CentrePahangKuantan (Terminal Sentral)10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD36.00
SingaporeTextile CentrePahangPekan10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD36.00
SingaporeTextile CentreTerengganuDungun10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD50.00
SingaporeTextile CentreTerengganuKemaman10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD50.00
SingaporeTextile CentreTerengganuKuala Terengganu10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD50.00
SingaporeTextile CentreTerengganuPaka10:30 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/10SGD50.00
TerengganuKuala TerengganuSingaporeTextile Centre02:00 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/8SGD40.30
TerengganuDungunSingaporeTextile Centre03:00 PM(MAJU)SVIP29/8SGD40.30