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About Lavender Street Bus Terminal

Lavender Street Bus Terminal or also known as Lavender MRT Bus Stop is a bus station situated at Lavender Street in Singapore. The bus terminal is known to provide bus services for a wide array of bus routes in Peninsular Malaysia including buses to Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Malacca and a few others. For a smoother bus ticket booking process, check out the Easybook website to choose preferred travelling dates anywhere and anytime.  

How to Get to Lavender Street Bus Station 

As the bus terminal is integrated with Lavender MRT Station, accessing Lavender Street Bus Terminal is not much of a hassle. Hop on board an MRT service and alight at Lavender Station to reach the bus station conveniently. Alternatively, a taxi ride is also possible to get to Lavender MRT Bus Stop as the bus terminal is centrally located within the town. 

Popular Operators 

Several prominent bus operators are available providing bus services from Lavender MRT Bus Stop to a variety of destinations within Peninsular Malaysia. 

Popular Routes 

Popular bus routes from Lavender Street Bus Terminal in Singapore 

Facilities in Lavender Street Bus Stop 

Located at the heart of Lavender Street in SingaporeLavender Street Bus Terminal provides several facilities including a sheltered waiting area. The bus station is also surrounded by a few eateries offering a variety of food as well as beverages.  

Top features: 

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Lavender Street Bus Terminal

50 Kallang Rd, Singapore 208699
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