Public Holidays

Public Holidays Overview

Malaysia is home to various religions and races, blessing the nation with more public holidays than most countries. Public holidays in Malaysia are non-working days that are formally given by the government Malaysia's to the people. However, the distribution and dates of public holidays in Malaysia are controlled by the federal laws of each state as seen in:

  • Holidays Act 1951 (apply only to the States of Peninsular Malaysia)
  • Sarawak Public Holidays Ordinance
  • State of Sabah Holidays Ordinance

Essentially, on the off chance that a public holiday falls on a weekday (Monday to Friday), that day turns into a non-working day. Employees and students are commonly not required to go to work or school. However, employees working in other sectors such as in retail and different areas must work on said public holiday since shopping centres and various industries are working.

Public holidays apply for all states aside from Johor, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, where the weekday begins on Sunday instead of Monday. In the event that a public holiday falls on a Saturday, individuals who typically work on that day are qualified for a three-day weekend. But if the public holiday falls on a Sunday, a substitution is given the following day (Monday). By doing so, the number of days off in a year as a result of public holidays will stay mostly the equivalent, with no deduction in days-off due to public holidays falling on existing off-days.

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