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About Phangnga Bus Terminal 

Phangnga is a coastal province in Thailand located on the northern part of the Andaman Sea. The province offers a beautiful landscape adorned with lush forests as well as spectacular islands.  

The existence of Phangnga Bus Terminal offers easy access to get to the province of Phangnga via land public transportation easily. Taking bus ride to travel between Phangnga and other regions is considered a cheaper option compared to other modes of transportation. Phangnga Bus Terminal is a new bus station situated about 5 km away from the city centre. The bus terminal hosts bus serviceheading to various popular destinations in Thailand including Phuket, Surat Thani, Bangkok and more.  

How to Get to Phangnga Bus Station 

Nearby airports and train stations are not available in Phangnga. For travels from other cities or provinces, it is advisable to take express bus services to get to Phangnga Bus Terminal directly. Travel duration varies depending on the final destination. From any area within Phangnga city, local taxis are available offering a ride to Phangnga Bus Terminal with fares provided within an affordable range. 

Popular Bus Operator in Phangnga Bus Terminal 

Phangnga Bus Terminal is operated by several bus operators including the renowned Lignite Tour. The company has been providing bus services since 1986 for local transfers in the country and since then has built its reputable position in the industry. 

Popular Bus Routes 

Popular bus routes in Phangnga Bus TerminalThailand 

Facilities in Phangnga Bus Stop 

Offering numerous bus tickets, Phangnga Bus Terminal is equipped with basic amenities within the bus stationFacilities provided include toilets, boarding platforms, waiting room and ticket counters. The new bus terminal is also clean and consistently maintained by the officials to ensure optimal comfort. 

Top features: 

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Phangnga Bus Terminal

4 Soi Lungkai, Thai Chang, Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga, Chang Wat Phang-nga 82000, Thailand
+66 76 410 837

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