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About Lawas Ferry Terminal

Lawas is a small town in Sarawak, Malaysia with attractions such as the Lawas Waterfront, Pasar Besar Lawas (Lawas Central Market) and Sungai Melasak (Melasak River) within short driving distance. This is a good stop for tourists to have an escape from the bustling city as it is quiet and serene. The location of the town is situated close to the river; therefore, ferry services are provided in Lawas to accommodate passengers.

Lawas Ferry Terminal serves routes between Kuala Lawas (Lawas Port) and Lawas town. The establishment of this ferry terminal in 2014 has eased the locals in Lawas ever since. Before the ferry terminal existed, the only connection between the port and town was served by the road. People had to take a 40-kilometre drive from Kuala Lawas to the city and 21-kilometre drive to Merapok, near Sindumin, Sabah. The journey takes longer time and the locals had to spend a lot of money solely on petrol.

With the ferry route available, it does not only save their money; the travel time has also been cut short to 15 minutes, which saves up to 40 minutes. The ferry also takes in passengers with vehicles and the fee is only RM1.00 while passengers and motorcycles can take the ferry for free. The ferry service is available daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

How to Get to Lawas Ferry Terminal

Lawas Ferry Terminal is located 40 minutes away from Lawas Airport. Visitors can grab a taxi or take a car rental service from Lawas Airport to go to the ferry terminal. Within the Lawas District, access to Lawas Ferry Terminal can only be done by car.

There is also a boat ride service from Labuan to Lawas, where the trip is operated once daily at 8:00 AM from Lawas and at 12:30 PM from Labuan.

Popular Ferry Routes

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Lawas Ferry Terminal is an open terminal, so there are no facilities provided except for the sheltered waiting area for passengers and some food stalls located along the road.

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Lawas Ferry Terminal operates daily trips between Kuala Lawas and Lawas town and the ferry trips are the best alternative to save more time and cost. The terminal helps to connect the people in Kuala Lawas with Lawas town. Instead of driving and spending more time on the road, the ferry route serves an easier, cheaper and more convenient transfer between the two places.

Lawas Ferry Terminal Contact Details

98850 Lawas, Sarawak
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