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About Baanpun Travel Bus Service

Millions of travellers across the globe deemed Thailand as the Land of Smiles for the fantastic hospitality. Thailand has many grand festivities where travellers can experience and partake as well. There are various transportation services available to get around the cities such as the auto trishaw called tuk-tuks and buses to visit the famous tourist spots in Thailand.

Choose to visit beautiful Thailand with outstanding bus services by Baanpun Travel without the hassle that comes with reasonable bus ticket prices. Bus ticket can now be purchased easily through Easybook’s online booking platform without having to queue up at the counter.

Reasons to Travel with Baanpun Travel

According to reviews, Baanpun Travel is known as one of the trusted operators in Thailand for its excellent service. Headquartered in Satun, Baanpun Travel provides a flexible bus schedule so that travellers can plan their trips accordingly with the bus routes that are accompanied by affordable ticket prices. Travellers can enjoy a fantastic trip assisted by the company’s well-trained drivers for each bus service. Not forgetting that Baanpun Travel also provides ferry service from Pakbara Pier to the famous Thailand island of Koh Lipe.

Baanpun Travel Bus Routes & Bus Schedule

Get around the incredible places that Thailand has to offer without hassle through Baanpun Travel. Travellers can choose their preferred bus schedule provided by the company such as the 10-seater van from Hatyai Airport to Pakbara Pier and the 12-seater minibus service from Pakbara to Phuket or Koh Lanta conveniently.

Popular Bus Routes:


Thailand is famously known for its fascinating culture, serene beaches, beautiful islands, gastronomic cuisine, so kick start the perfect trip to this country with Baanpun Travel’s bus service with reasonably-priced bus fares according to the bus routes. Book a Baanpun Travel bus ticket through Easybook’s easy-to-navigate online booking platform now!

Baanpun Travel Bus Schedule

Songkhla to Satun First Bus Last Bus Fare
Hat Yai Town to Pakbara Pier Select Date
Hat Yai Airport to Pakbara Pier Select Date
Satun to Krabi First Bus Last Bus Fare
Pakbara Pier to Krabi Town Select Date
Pakbara Pier to Ao Nang Select Date
Satun to Songkhla First Bus Last Bus Fare
Pakbara Pier to Hat Yai Airport Select Date
Pakbara Pier to Hat Yai Town Select Date
Satun to Koh Lanta First Bus Last Bus Fare
Pakbara Pier to Saladan Village Pier Select Date
* Chỉ có 0.01% chuyến đi có giá cao hơn giá tại quầy. ** Chỉ áp dụng cho các giao dịch không dùng mã giảm giá và các chuyến được cung cấp bởi một số công ty nhất định. *** Chỉ áp dụng cho một số tuyến nhất định, giá ghi trên vé là giá đã giảm (thấp hơn so với giá tại quầy). * Hình ảnh xe chỉ để tham khảo. * Thời lượng chuyến đi chỉ mang giá trị ước tính.