Bus to Legoland

Bus to Legoland

With the latest and efficient bus service, one is able to take a bus to Legoland at any time of the day. in Easybook.com, we bring you great deals of Legoland packages that would be enable you and your family to enjoy not only Legoland, but a comfortable ride by bus to this theme park with reasonable prices.

One of the deals is the take a bus to Legoland from Singapore. The journey from Singapore to Legoland at Nusajaya, Johor only takes about 40 minutes plus (depending on the traffic condition). One can be able to book the bus to Legoland as well as the Legoland ticket passes as a combo deal with prices starting as low as SGD53. Customers can also opt to select their choice of coach company which includes WTS Travel & Superior Coach. By doing so, it also gives a wider option for passengers to choose their preferred pick up point accordingly. Not only that, now one also visit the newly launched Legoland Waterpark along with Legoland at a great price deal. With over 20 rides, passengers will just need to pay a minor additional amount and get to see the 2 sides of Legoland and travel via the coaches comfortably to Legoland by bus from Singapore.

If you're in Malaysia and in the main hub of Kuala Lumpur, then you may also opt to take a bus to Legoland from Cheras, KL that is brought together by Platinum Star Coaches and Easibook.com. The journey by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Legoland will take about 5 hours travel time. Hence, the coaches usually leave early in the morning so that the passengers will get to enjoy Legoland as a whole. Not only that, customers can also book a combo package of Legoland and other attraction theme parks packages such as Hello Kitty Town, Little Big Club or Lat's Place at Easybook.com's Packages section. This combo deal will include 2 way tickets bus to Legoland as well to the other popular theme parks and the entry passes to these theme parks.

So wait no longer, get on a comfortable ride by bus and enjoy the rides as well as the attractions in the popular international theme park in Malaysia through Easybook.com!

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