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Bus to Miri

Bus To Miri

Any person contemplating to hire a bus to Miri should know that this is one place that is accessible by both the land and the air. Though it takes considerably long to get to Miri, many have always considered hiring a bus simply because it is more affordable as compared to hiring a plane. The following article highlights some of the reasons why many people prefer hiring a bus to Miri whenever they have either a short or long holiday.


First and foremost, accommodations are so numerous in Miri that one has the option of choosing the kind the best impresses him or her. Such accommodations are made in the style of the modern times and well equipped with household equipment that one would ever wish to have in the house. This as a matter of fact makes it appear homier than just a mere rented accommodation.
In Miri, hotels are there which take care of leisure travelers, budget backpackers in addition to businessmen. For instance, budget travelers always have a reason to smile should they visit Miri. This is because the rooms in the guesthouses are always very clean, complementary breakfasts are gotten in such guesthouses, the laundry services offered there are very friendly in as far as costs are concerned, and above all the cost of renting such hotels is always very affordable.

Eating out

When travellers hire a bus to Miri, they should never be worried of the eating out points. This is because regular restaurants as well as street sides meant for eating are very many in Miri. For example, one of the places that a traveler or a tourist would never miss is a Hawker Center (Chinese) which is in the middle of Miri. In this place, dishes that are mouth-watering are there in plenty. They include curry rice, steamed chicken, fried noodles for rice among others.

Besides this, there are a number of places that one can visit while in Miri without forgetting the activities and entertainment to enjoy while there. These are only, but to mention a few.

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