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About Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange

Situated at the centre of Choa Chu Kang town in SingaporeChoa Chu Kang Bus Interchange serves several residential areas including Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Tech Whye, Yew Tee, as well as industrial areas around Sungei Kadut and Sungei Tengah. The bus station also serves bus routes heading to the well-known Singapore Zoo. Opened in December 2018, Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange was previously closed due to relocation. Modern features have been incorporated within the newly designed bus terminal. 

Popular Bus Routes 

Several bus routes are available in the bus terminal with a variety of bus tickets. Some of the popular bus routes are as follows: 

How to Get to Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange Station 

Locating the bus terminal is of no trouble as there many landmarks situated nearby. Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange is located at the junction of Choa Chu Kang Loop and Choa Chu Kang Drive just beside Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and Lot 1 Shopping Centre. The shopping centre is easily accessible within a 5-minute walk from the bus terminal. Other notable landmarks surrounding the bus station are Choa Chu Kang Park, Choa Chu Kang public library and Choa Chu Kang town council.  

Popular Bus Operators in Choa Chu Kang Bus Station 

Currently, Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange is served by SMRT which is the main bus operator at the station. However, future bus services will be operated by Choa Chu Kang-Bukit Panjang Bus Package. 

Facilities in Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange 

Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange is installed with closed-circuit TV cameras that utilise artificial intelligence to detect wheelchair users upon any assistance. Besides that, passengers can also alert bus drivers for assistance via interactive self-help panels at the bus bays. Facilities provided within Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange are specifically designed for a conducive environment at the bus terminal. 
Top features: 

Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange

70 Choa Chu Kang Loop, Singapore 689688
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