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About Stesen Bas dan Teksi Gemas

The Gemas Bus Station can be found in the small town of Gemas, located in the Tampin district of Negeri Sembilan and share borders with Johor. In the past, Gemas was a significant transportation hub, dating back to colonial period when it was established as a railway junction, vital in connecting the west and east coast rail lines of Malaysia. With such interesting history in transportation sector, it is only fitting that the Gemas Bus Station host many bus operators with routes across Malaysia.

Upon arriving, passengers are greeted with the locals, whom are working within the compounds of the station. There is not much to do at the bus station, but it is in the town centre, making it strategically close to most of what the town has to offer.

Besides exploring the town, travellers can branch out via buses or taxis to see the historical Kelamah River Memorial, in remembrance of fallen Australian troops defending the area against the Japanese army in an event known as the ‘Battle of Gemas’. The journey will take about 20 minutes from the Gemas Bus station.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Gemas Bus Station in Gemas

How to Get to Gemas Bus Station

Getting to Gemas Bus Station is rather easy as it is accessible through various modes of transportation. For starters, travellers who are from Kuala Lumpur (KL) can either take the train from KL Sentral to the train station in Gemas and once arrived, proceed to take less than a seven minutes’ walk from the train station to the bus station.

However, an easier and cheaper alternative would be by boarding a bus from KL directly to Gemas Bus Station. Bus tickets can be purchased quickly and efficiently online. Also, popular routes served via the Gemas Bus Station include buses from Gemas to KL as well as buses from Gemas to Terengganu and Gemas to Pahang. Do remember to precheck bus operators, schedules and prices online for a worry-free trip.

Popular Bus Operators

There are several well-known bus companies operating in the Gemas Bus Station, namely Transnasional and Ekspress Mutiara. Passengers will choose which bus service they preferred.

Facilities in Gemas Station

The Gemas Bus Station is not a huge building but rather a sheltered compound with small waiting areas, platforms for the buses to park in and a single payphone – only the necessities. Passengers can find counters to buy bus tickets and there is enough space for other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles to park along the compound.

Although the exterior of the bus station is very simple with no major infrastructure, visitors do not have to worry about being bored or hungry because the station is surrounded with food stalls within the compound. While waiting for departure, sample some delicious meals and mingle around with the locals at any of the stalls open. Toilets are also available at the station.

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Gemas is a peaceful town with an interesting history on its back. It is a good hideout to take some time off from the busy city life. The people there are friendly and laidback, and tourist are always welcome. Discover Gemas by using bus services operating in the Gemas Bus Station.

For the time being, no contact number is available at the bus station, which means passengers must always buy the tickets online to board any bus at the station. For quick online bus ticket bookings, Easybook offers an uncomplicated platform for planning trips. Just follow the issued guideline to book a bus ticket now via Easybook.

Gemas Bus Station Contact Details:

Kampung Tiong, 73400 Gemas, Negeri Sembilan
03-6140 3210

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