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About Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal

Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal is not exactly a bus station but more like a drop-off and departure point for many buses covering long distance trips. Located at Singapore’s Beach Road, the bus terminal serves bus servicewithin the surrounding area to a number of destinations. Next to the bus stop is the 16-storey Golden Mile Tower situated nearby Golden Mile Food Centre.  

How to get to Golden Mile Tower Bus Station 

The easiest way of getting to Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal is by boarding a train where the nearest MRT station is Nicoll Highway MRT Station running on the Circle Line. The MRT station takes around a 5-minute walk from the bus station. Another option to get to Golden Mile Tower Bus Station is by taking city bus services passing by Golden Mile Complex including SMRT or SBS Transit conveniently.  

Popular Bus Operators 

Several operators are available offering multiple bus services within Golden Mile Tower Bus TerminalPopular bus operators serving the bus terminal include: 

Popular Bus Routes 

Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal provides various bus routes heading to many destinations in Singapore. Several frequent bus routes are as follows:  

Facilities in Golden Mile Tower Bus Stop 

Several public amenities are accessible inside Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal. Clean public washrooms are available in the bus station as well as information boards displaying the arrival and departure of buses. Shopping malls are also situated nearby with food stalls for a quick bite.  

 Top features: 

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Golden Mile Tower Bus Terminal

5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
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