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About Jetty (Penang) Bus Stop 

Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal or also known as Weld Quay Bus Terminal is located in George Town within Malaysia’s Penang island. Penang is known for its comprehensive transportation network providing the community with efficient bus services. The island also offers a reliable public network where buses can be taken from its Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal to travel to some of the most popular destinations in the island. Buses from the terminal offer convenience as it provides the means to save up from spending more on expensive taxi rides. Most of the bus services provided to and from the Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal make a stop at Komtar Tower Bus Station. 

Popular Bus Routes 

A total of 17 different bus routes are available for commuting to and from Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal. Most of these routes are of great interest to many tourists. Some of the most popular routes offered at the bus station include: 

How to get to Jetty (Penang) Bus Station 

The most convenient way of getting to Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal is by a ferry ride from the mainland as the terminal is situated just next to the island’s main jetty.Another feasible alternative to get to the bus terminal is by boarding a taxi. Numerous taxis are easily attainable within Penang island although some may be costly. 

Popular Bus Operators 

Located along Weld Quay on the George Town waterfront, the terminal is a hub for Rapid Penang bus servicesEach bus guarantees a comfortable journey around the Penang island. 

Facilities in Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal 

Not many facilities are offered within the bus terminal. However, the terminal is located close to the city centre and many conveniences can be found easily around the area. Chulia Street situated adjacent to the bus terminal offers a variety of bits and bobs along with a wide selection of food. 

Jetty (Penang) Bus Terminal

19-24, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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