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About Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal 

Situated within the city of Johor Bahru, Johor Premium Outlet stands both as a famous shopping complex and a tourist attraction in Malaysia. The shopping mall offers comprehensive facilities including its very own bus terminal known as Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal.  The bus terminal is located adjacent to the mall providing easy connectivity for many stopping by at the mall. 

How to Get to Johor Premium Outlet Bus Station 

Johor Premium Outlet is located in Kulaijaya within Johor Bahru and serves the surrounding area. The most convenient way of getting to Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal is by taking any local bus services stopping by at the shopping mall. As the mall is a tourist attraction, another feasible alternative to get to the bus terminal is by boarding a taxi. Numerous taxis are easily attainable within the city of Johor Bahru although some may be costly. 

Popular Bus Operators 

Several well-known bus operators in Malaysia including Causeway Link provide services within Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal offering efficient transport facilities. Each operator guarantees a comfortable journey to and from Johor Premium Outlet Shopping Mall.  

Popular Bus Routes 

A primary bus service serving the bus station includCauseway Link which specifically caters to the mall. The routes of JPO1 and JPO2 offer bus connections to JB Sentral including JB City Centre and JB CIQ, CIQ Second Link and Senai International Airport. Bus routes are also available from these spots to the rest of JB and other destinations in Singapore. Coach operators also offer bus services to and from other parts of Malaysia as well as Singapore to Johor Premium Outlet. 

Facilities in Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal 

As the shopping mall is a popular tourist attraction, many conveniences and facilities are available at Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal. Within the bus terminalwell-maintained and updated information boards displaying bus arrivals are provided along with proper boarding as well as alighting berths. Toilets and service guide racks are available along with a Transitlink office. The bus station also offers a canteen and numerous retail outlets are easily accessible from the terminal. 

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Johor Premium Outlet Bus Terminal

Johor Premium Outlets, Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor Darul Takzim, Senai, Johor, Malaysia
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