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About Kampong Bahru Bus Station

Before Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal was established, the former Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) and custom warehouse were built at the same area. This newly-established bus terminal in Singapore is located along Spooner Road and it serves as the terminating point for bus routes in the city. The opening of Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal in March 10, 2018 was announced to replace New Bridge Road Bus Terminal.

Most of the bus services that used to serve at New Bridge Road Bus Terminal are now operating at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal. The terminal serves as the final point for the buses that commute within the Chinatown area. This redevelopment is done in conjunction with the establishment of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) that will be built at the existing New Bridge Road Bus Terminal site.

After the relocation, there is no MRT station available at the terminal. Instead of alighting at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal to get to the nearest MRT station, most passengers would just get off at the former New Bridge Road Bus Terminal bus stop for an interchange, where Outram Park MRT Station is located. All buses operate around Chinatown area will have a stop at Outram Park MRT Station. Bus connectivity and facilities are believed to have a great improvement at the new terminal, so that visitors can have convenient use.

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How to get to Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal

Since there is no MRT station that operates at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal, a direct access to the terminal can only be done by using bus and taxi services. The nearest MRT station is Outram Park MRT station which is located 12 minutes away by foot to get to the terminal. However, for convenience, visitors can easily take a bus that goes directly to Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal from Outram Park MRT Station.

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Basic facilities are provided for the visitors to use at this terminal. It is convenient for public usage as it provides barrier-free toilets to better accommodate the elderly, persons with disabilities and family with small children.

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Serving as the new bus terminal, Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal offers an upgraded connectivity for its bus services. Touring around Singapore can be done easily by using the main public transportation services provided at this terminal. Visitors can travel around the cities in Singapore by starting their trip from Kampung Bahru Bus Terminal conveniently.

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal Contact Details

11A Spooner Road, Singapore 168795
+65 6220 0574

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