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About Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal

Kota Tinggi, Johor is recognised as the home to Sultanate of Johor and many royal tombs are discovered in this historical town to signify the state’s royalty. Kota Tinggi is the capital of Kota Tinggi District and the town is located 40 kilometres away from Johor Bahru. Sultanate’s legacy in Kota Tinggi is documented in Kota Tinggi Museum, where the museum stores and showcases the royal history. Aside from the museum, some of the top attractions in Kota Tinggi that draw tourists’ attention are Kota Tinggi Waterfalls and bird-watching experience in Gunung Panti.

The arrival point for bus services in Kota Tinggi is Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal, which is also known as Terminal Bas/Teksi Tun Seri Lanang. The terminal is the transportation hub in Kota Tinggi that serves as the arrival and departure points for all bus services, including express buses and intercity bus routes in Johor. Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal is a 2-storey building where the transportation services are served at the ground floor of this bus terminal while the upper level accommodates shops and bus operator offices.

How to Get to Kota Tinggi Bus Station

Getting into Kota Tinggi district from other states in Malaysia is accessible by express buses. Long-distance bus trips from KL, Kelantan and Terengganu that goes directly to Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal are available. If the trip begins in KL, the bus will depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) and it will take approximately 5 hours to arrive at Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal. Travellers from Kelantan and Terengganu have broad point of departure options as there are various bus terminals and bus stations in both states that offer bus trips to Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal.

Locals from another towns and districts in Johor can get to the terminal by using the intercity buses and taxi services. Travelling from Singapore to Kota Tinggi is reachable by ferry ride from Changi Ferry Terminal heading to Tanjung Belungkor, Johor (near Desaru) and from Tanjung Belungkor onwards, visitors can take an hour journey either by taxi or private car to go to Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal.

Popular Bus Operators

Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal is a host to many popular bus operators that carry passengers to various states all over Peninsular Malaysia. Among the bus operators favoured by passengers going to Kuala Lumpur and East Coast of Malaysia from Kota Tinggi are Maraliner and Transnasional as they provide multiple trips to both states. Passengers can opt for different bus operators that are available at this bus terminal referring to the destinations and bus schedules arranged by the bus operators.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal

Facilities in Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal

Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal is strategically located in the town nearby different shop lots and restaurants which are all accessible within walking distance. This 2-storey building houses few shops and bus operator counters on the upper floor of the building, where sheltered waiting area is also located.

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Besides being known for its the historic significance, Kota Tinggi’s sightseeing attractions are suitable for those looking for a short and pleasant trip. The place treasures ideal recreational sites that can be enjoyed both by the locals and foreign tourists. Any outdoor enthusiasts who enjoys participating in adventurous activities and nature exploration will find natural attractions in Kota Tinggi like the waterfall, Gunung Panti, Desaru Beach and Firefly Park worth a visit.

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Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal Contact Details

Jalan Niaga 3, Taman Mawai Jaya, Johor Malaysia.
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