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About Masai Bus Terminal

Located about 25 KM from Johor Bahru city center, Masai is a less crowded town with a more relaxing ambiance compared to the bustling environment in Johor Bahru, or just JB in short. Masai is a small old town located within Pasir Gudang and the Masai Bus Terminal offers common transportation services via express bus or local buses to the travellers to get to and fro this place more locally known as just Kota Masai.

Masai Bus Terminal is an orange and brown sheltered building with the name “Terminal Bas dan Teksi Serta Arked Masai,” so you would not miss it. This station located right smack in the heart of the Masai town about 27 KM from the Singapore Causeway, which allows locals in JB and travellers from Singapore to visit this small town as a short retreat to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Travellers can find fresh seafood, local delights and get an awesome sea view nearby the Masai Bus Terminal.

How To Get To Masai Bus Terminal

There are also several local bus services available from Larkin Bus Terminal or JB Sentral to the Masai Bus Terminal conveniently. Alternatively, travellers can get a taxi ride to the Masai Bus Terminal and be dropped off at the taxi stand, which is situated by the bus station itself. Some locals would have their friends or family members to drop them off at the Terminal Bas Masai as everything is conveniently located nearby.

Popular Bus Operators in Masai Bus Terminal

Apart from the local bus operators that offer services from Masai Bus Terminal to surrounding residential areas, there are several express buses operators offer long-distance bus services to other cities in Peninsular Malaysia. City Express is definitely a well-known operator that offers express bus services from Terminal Bas Masai to some of the amazing places in the country.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Terminal Bas Masai in Masai include:

Facilities in Masai Bus Terminal

The Masai Bus Terminal is a double-storey sheltered building in which the bus parking lanes, pick-up area for passengers and convenient stores are located at the ground floor, while ticket counters and management office are sited at the first floor. With the availability of the ticket counters setup at bus station, passengers are able to get confirmation for the plate number before the bus arrival at the terminal.

Top Features:


Masai is a great getaway destination suitable for family and friends as it is known as a peaceful small town located near the Johor Bahru city. Whether it is a food trip or to witness the amazing Tasik Biru, which is a hidden lake that was known as an ex-mining quarry, Masai is a great place to visit.

Hop on the bus today and travel to Masai Town to start exploring this old town in JB today. Book your bus ticket to travel from Masai Bus Terminal through Easybook by following this simple guideline.

Masai Bus Terminal Contact Details

Taman Bunga Raya, 81750 Masai, Johor
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