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About Saint Michael’s Bus Station

Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal is considered as a neighbourhood bus terminus within the Whampoa estate in Singapore and serves the residents surrounding the area of business operations that is in the Kim Keat area too. This bus terminal was constructed in the early 1980’s before several bus interchanges and other terminals were built in the centralised town as well as the perfect addition of MRT stations to the rail network. Besides that, the Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal also used to have two City Shuttle Services (CSS) until 2003, before being taken over by SBS Transit later.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal in Singapore.

How to Get to Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal

There are a few local bus services to choose from to get to the Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal. From Toa Payoh MRT Station, travellers should take Bus 139 and alight at the fifth bus stop, then head towards the Curtin University. The bus terminal will be around 5 minutes of walking distance. Another option is from the Novena MRT station, in which the bus stop is located at the opposite of Novena Church. Travellers should board either Bus 21 and 131 to get to the Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal.

Popular Bus Operators

Travellers and locals can choose to board several choices of transit bus services that are available in Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal to your preferred destinations in Singapore.


The Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal has gone through some renovation in the past years to upgrade their available facilities. In 2011, wheelchair ramps were added at every bus bay for the convenience of wheelchair-bound passengers. Other renovations were also carried out to install a new extension that provides public restrooms, a driver’s lounge as well as a few ancillary rooms.

At the entrance of the Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal, there are two pedestrian entrances. One leads to Whampoa Road and the other to Whampoa Park connector. A food centre (Block 111A) is also situated beside the bus terminal building. A sheltered waiting area with wall-mounted fans are also installed within the bus terminal.

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The newly renovated Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal acts as a neighbourhood bus terminus within the Whampoa Estate which also serves the surrounding business area in the Kim Keat area as well. Despite the name, the bus terminal is not located at St Michael’s Road but instead it is off Whampoa Road, which is about 1 kilometres away.

There are a few selections of transit bus services that travellers can choose from to get to the Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal, which it is mainly operated and taken over by the SBS Company.

Saint Michael’s Bus Terminal Contact Details:

10 Whampoa Road, Singapore 327691
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