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About Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 

Shah Alam Bus Terminal or more commonly known as Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 is a bus terminal operating numerous bus services and primarily hosts the city of Shah Alam. The bus station offers express bus services across Peninsular Malaysia from the northern regions to the south with an extensive network of bus routes.  

Popular Bus Routes 

Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 offers numerous bus routes heading to a variety of destinations across Malaysia. The most frequently used and travelled ones include: 

How to Get to Bus Station Shah Alam Section 13 

Primarily serving the people within Shah Alam and the Klang Valley areas, Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 is situated in Seksyen 13 of the city right next to Shah Alam Stadium. Convenient ways of reaching the bus terminal include taking a taxi or intercity buses offering services heading to the bus station. Taking train services will be an unlikely option as there is no train station situated nearby Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 

Popular Bus Operators 

Several bus services are provided in Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 with regular schedules. Bus operations are mainly furnished by well-known local bus operators. 

Facilities in Bus Terminal Shah Alam Section 13 

Hosting numerous bus services in the city of Shah AlamTerminal Shah Alam Section 13 is well-equipped with several essential amenities. A waiting room is available within the bus terminal along with information boards spread across all over the terminal and a computerised ticket counter. Clean and functional toilets are accessible. Nearby sundry stalls are also available offering a variety of eats.  

Top features: 

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Terminal Shah Alam Section 13

Jalan Jenulung 17/21, Seksyen 17, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
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