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About Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah

Chaah is a small subdistrict located in Segamat, Johor with locals of different races. Chaah bus terminal is the only station that offers public transport services in the town. The terminal is known as Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah that serves as an active station for departure and arrival point for various trips. The Chaah bus terminal is a double storey building that is complete with basic facilities and it offers trips to various destinations within Johor.

Located in a strategic location in town, Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah is surrounded by nearby landmarks such as Chaah Police Station, Petronas and Caltex petrol station and Pejabat Pos Chaah. Some of the attractions available are Farnam Temple and Endau-Rompin Johor national park. Shop lots are also available nearby the terminal and visitors can have an easy access to restaurants and other shops.

Popular Bus Routes

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How to get to Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah

There are no shuttle buses operated in the town to access Chaah bus terminal, thus the locals usually get to the terminal by taxi or car. It is the only terminal in Chaah that serves as a bus station and taxi point for the locals and visitors.

Popular Bus Operators

Cepat & Cekap Express is the only bus operator that offers frequent trips from Chaah to other destinations in Johor.


Basic facilities such as restroom and sheltered waiting area are available conveniently at Chaah bus terminal. Visitors can easily take a few minutes’ walk to nearby shop lots where restaurants and other shops are located. There is no prayer room available at the terminal, however, there is a mosque located only 190 meters away from the terminal. Muslims can take a 3-minute walk from Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah to get to Masjid Jamek Chaah.

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Chaah is a peaceful town with small population size, which is ideal for visitors who need a short escape from the bustling city. A visit to Chaah by bus will take travellers to Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Chaah to enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle with the locals. Easybook offers an easy way to book bus tickets online without hassle!

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85400 Chaah, Johor, Malaysia
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