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Ferry Terminals

Ao Nid Pier Ferry Terminal 

Nominated as one of the “Top Undiscovered Islands in Thailand” by The Sunday Times, Koh Mak is an enchanting island regarded as an exquisite haven for travellers seeking to avoid the bright beach lights and over-developed of larger islands but still want more than just a basic beach hut. Plan your trip to Koh Mak island which is perfect for a relaxing getaway. 

Getting to Koh Mak island is relatively easy using transportation services such as boats and ferries to Ao Nid Pier which serves as the main ferry terminal that also provides good views south to Koh Hood. Travellers can find a paved walkway from the ferry port that leads to the centre of Koh Mak island, then branches off to various beaches including several facilities as well as accommodations.  

How to Get to Ao Nid Pier 

The only way to get to Koh Mak island via Ao Nid Pier is by taking a ferry service that can be found from the mainland’s Krom Luang ferry terminal in Laem Ngop directly to Koh Mak island. Through Easybook online booking platform, travellers can now review their ferry ticket and ferry schedule conveniently. 

From Trat city, travellers can opt for a taxi ride to Krom Luang ferry terminal in Laem Ngop. The travel duration may take at least 30 to 40 minutes to reach the said ferry terminal, depending on the traffic situations. Once arrived at Krom Luangsome boats and ferries can take travellers to Ao Nid Pier in about 40 minutes journey.  

Popular Ferry Operator in Ao Nid Pier

A renowned ferry operator named as Boonsiri High Speed Ferries provides ferry service for travellers to get to Ao Nid Pier in Koh Mak island conveniently. 

Popular Routes 

Popular ferry routes to Koh Mak island (Ao Nid Pier) in Thailand. 

Facilities in Ao Nid Pier Terminal 

The Ao Nid Pier only serves as the main drop-off point for incoming ferries or boats from the mainland’s ferry terminal to Koh Mak island. Thus, there are no facilities available for public use. However, travellers may find several facilities surrounding the ferry terminal area provided by the community within the island such as restaurants, health centre and others.  



The Ao Nid Pier is the main entrance to the beautiful little island of Koh Mak which travellers can gain access to by taking ferry service from the mainland’s ferry terminal in Laem Ngop to Ao Nid Pier easily.  

Ao Nid Pier

Ao Nid Ferry Terminal, 60/1 Moo 1 Sudhidhanakul Rd, Koh Mak, 23120 Thailand
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