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About Kapalai Island Jetty

Kapalai Island is an island located in Tawau, Sabah. It is one of the many beautiful diving havens in Malaysia widely known for its scuba resorts. Many have referred to Kapalai Island as Malaysia’s version of the incredible Maldives in the Indian Ocean. This island is picturesque and surrounded by white sandbank at sea level. This magnificent view was formed as a result of hundreds of years of erosion.

In addition, travellers will be able to stay at Kapalai Island’s exclusive scuba resort that comes with stunning villas on stilts. However, there are no beaches on Kapalai Island. Instead, the island is all about scuba diving and snorkelling activities.

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular routes from Kapalai Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Kapalai Island Jetty

The only way to get to Kapalai Island is by speedboat services. Getting to Kapalai Island is basically the same as going to the neighbouring islands by taking a speedboat from Semporna Jetty as well. Travellers from Tawau city can choose to take a taxi or the cheaper option by bus to Semporna Jetty.

From the jetty, travellers will then get to their respective speedboats to Kapalai Island. On a side note, the speedboat will berth at a small jetty provided on the edge of the sundeck owned by the only scuba resort there. The speedboat ride will usually take about 40 minutes to arrive at the said island.

Popular Ferry Operators

There are two operators that transport travellers to Kapalai Island, as well as other neighbouring islands such as Mabul and Gusungan Island.


There is no proper jetty or terminal provided for arriving speedboats. However, a small jetty owned by the only scuba resort there is available for speedboats to berth at. This small jetty acts as a drop-off point for travellers commuting back to the resort from diving and snorkelling activities done at Kapalai Island area or at the nearby islands. Hence, it provides some basic amenities for divers to freshen up.

Top features:


Kapalai Island is neighbours with many famous and tranquil islands of Semporna, which is known for diving and snorkelling activities. Travellers will be mesmerised by its greenish crystal-clear sea water whereby they can just dive into from the resort’s popular sundeck. It is a place where you can enjoy a novel, work on your tan, or even indulge in an afternoon siesta.

Kapalai Island is accessible by speedboat services available from Semporna Jetty. You can head over to Easybook website or via mobile application to purchase your tickets as well as to review the speedboat schedule.

Kapalai Island Jetty Contact Details

Sipadan-Kapalai Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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