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About Limbang Ferry Port

Limbang is a small town in the northern part of Sarawak, Malaysia but this small town does not have much to offer for travellers or locals in terms of entertainment. However, Limbang remains as one of the most sought out destination for any travellers visiting the rural areas of Sarawak.

Limbang Ferry Terminal is located on the banks of the Limbang River. Thus, as travellers arrive at the terminal, you may witness some fishing activities nearby. Despite located at a secluded place, the Limbang Ferry Terminal is surrounded by many facilities in the area. The ferries operating in this Limbang Ferry Terminal mainly provides ferry routes to Labuan and back that starts from Limbang River.

How to Get to Limbang Ferry Terminal

One of the most preferred way of travelling to Limbang Ferry Terminal is by boarding a bus. Bus service is the easiest and cheapest option of public transportation. The main bus terminal within the town is the Limbang Bus Terminal, where most of the buses to Limbang will make their pick-ups and drop-offs.

Travellers and locals can look forward to boarding the only bus operator that provides the route to Limbang Ferry Terminal, which is Sipitang Express. The nearest drop-off point for the said bus will be at Tamu Limbang. The bus ride usually takes around 3-5 minutes, depending on the traffic. Then, travellers will have to walk for only about a minute to get to Limbang Ferry Terminal which is located beside the Tamu Building.

Popular Ferry Operator

There are two choices of ferry operators that transports travelers and locals to Labuan. Travellers can choose to travel with KER Shop (Labuan International Ferry Terminal).

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route at Limbang Ferry Terminal in Malaysia.


Limbang Ferry Terminal is said to be not as fancy as well-established ferry terminals in Labuan, but it provides necessary facilities and amenities. Despite situated at a rural area in Sarawak, Limbang Ferry Terminal is surrounded by several facilities nearby.

Travellers can spend their time strolling around town before departure. There are pharmacies, banks, mosque, money changer and many more. Seafood restaurants are also available for travellers who wish to fill their tummy and have a drink or two before their journey begins.

Top features:


Limbang is considered as a small town in the northern part of Sarawak and is sandwiched between two parts of Brunei. The town of Limbang is famous among travellers for being a melting pot of many different cultures including Malay, Kedayan, Chinese, Iban as well as various Orang Ulu ethnic groups. Limbang town owns a famous delicacy namely the Tahai Fish and it can be bought at the nearby market.

Limbang Ferry Terminal is strategically situated at the banks of Limbang River and the ferries provide journey to Labuan and back which normally takes about 2 hours long, provided if there is no tidal issue on that day. In addition, the most recommended way of commuting to Limbang Ferry Terminal is by taking a bus from the nearby bus terminal.

Limbang Ferry Terminal Contact Details:

Limbang Port, Pekan Limbang, 98700 Limbang, Sarawak
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