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Mae Haad Pier Ferry Terminal

Mae Haad Pier is main ferry port in Koh Tao that serves as a prominent arrival and departure point for passengers. This pier is situated in Surat Thani Province, and it becomes a significant embarkation and debarkation point for travellers as well as the locals for their daily cruise. 

Every year, Mae Haad Pier is expected to be busy during high season as many tourists would come to Thailand all at once to have an island-hopping experience. Ferry trips are operated daily, and usually, when demands are high during the holiday season, the operators would add more trips. 

Tao Island or Koh Tao in local terms is known for offering various recreational activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and hiking. With stunning nature flourished the surrounding of the island, travellers will surely have a satisfying holiday experience.  

Popular Routes 

How to Get to Mae Haad Pier 

From Bangkok, travellers can take an 8-hour bus trip to Chumphon Pier and once arrived, take a 2-hour ferry or boat ride to Koh Tao Mae Haad Pier. Besides bus, boarding a train from Bangkok to Chumphon is another alternative to get to Mae Haad Pier. These two ways are recommended as it offers an economical transfer process for budget travellers. 

Popular Ferry Operators in Mae Haad Pier 

Ferry serviceto Koh Tao Mae Haad Pier are managed by two operators namely Songserm Ferry and Lomprayah High Speed Ferries. They offer daily return trips to Mae Haad Pier from several ferry ports such as Chumphon, Koh Phangan Thong Sala Pier and Koh Samui Nathon Pier.  

 Facilities in Mae Haad Pier 

Serving only as a pier, there are no facilities provided other than the wooden walkway as a platform for the passengers to drop off and step on the boat or ferry. Located just nearby to the Mae Haad Pier, travellers can find accommodations, restaurants, diving centre and convenience store.


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Mae Haad Pier

Koh Tao, 84280, Thailand
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