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About Mataking Island Jetty

For an ideal island getaway, look no further than Mataking Island, located at the southeast of Sabah. The island known for diving is close to the Philippines and is made up of two islands known merely as the bigger or smaller Mataking. Non-divers can still enjoy the sparkling white sand, mesmerising blue waters and a top-class resort with pristine beaches, which is also a popular destination for honeymooners.

The island owns an exclusive resort named the Mataking Island Reef Dive Resort that also acts as the jetty. Another unique aspect that can be found here is the ability to walk from the big island to the small island during low tide and even catch a glimpse of the famous first of its kind in Malaysia ‘Underwater Post Office’.

How to Get to Mataking Island Jetty

The journey will start from Tawau, where travellers can board a bus or minivan to get to the coastal village of Semporna with several speedboats to go to the islands. Upon settling the ticket booking, the speedboat will pick up passengers from Semporna Jetty to Mataking Island that takes about 45 minutes. Also, travellers who have made a reservation to stay at the Mataking Island Reef Dive Resort can reserve a speedboat to get to the island.

Popular Ferry Operators

The operators available on Easybook to get to Mataking Island are D One Permata and Semporna Paradise Travel & Tours.

Popular Ferry Routes

The operators available on Easybook to get to Mataking Island are D One Permata and Semporna Paradise Travel & Tours.

Facilities in Mataking Island Jetty

The Mataking Island jetty acts as a landing stage for passengers to get off the speedboat. Travellers will disembark at the sundeck jetty and walk towards the resort where necessary amenities are provided.

Besides participating in the water activities offered, be amazed by the traditional architecture of the resort that exudes elegance and charm of the locale that comes with accommodation up to 70 guests. There is a sheltered waiting area with benches, a café and security post among other accessible facilities.

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Mataking Island is a dream surrounded by more than 30 dive sites with protected coral reefs and islands, which allow travellers to go snorkelling with ease. Overall, the experience at Mataking Island is like combining the best of both worlds between Sipadan's large pelagics with Mabul’s muck diving. Come to Sabah and plunge into exclusive diving locations that are just naturally beautiful with Easybook’s help.

Mataking Island Jetty Contact Details:

Mataking Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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