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About Rembele Airport

Serving the city of Takengon in Central Aceh Regency, Rembele Airport offers flight services connecting between Aceh and other major cities around Indonesia. The airport is widely known as a gateway to Gayo highland which is a popular tourist destination famed for its coffee and scenic views. Initially built in the year of 2000, Rembele Airport underwent several renovations between 2014 and 2016 to boost the tourism growth around the Gayo highland. The airport terminal currently is able at handling a maximum of 200,000 passengers each year.  

How to Get to Rembele Airport 

Due to the setting of the airport being situated within a mountainous area, transportations connecting to Rembele Airport may be limited. The airport is easily accessible via flights from other cities in Indonesia whereas local bus services heading to the airport may be minimal. A few travel and tour agencies offer private vehicles for a quick ride to get to Rembele Airport without much of a hassle.  

Popular Flight Operators 

Currently, flight operations in Rembele Airport are only provided by Wings Air. Wings Air offers several flight schedules that can be chosen from to cater to various travel itineraries. 

Popular Flight Routes 

Flights from Rembele Airport in AcehIndonesia 

Facilities in Rembele Airport 

Rembele Airport resides at an elevation of 4,298 meters above sea level possessing a runway with an asphalt surface. The airport offers a modern interior as well as several facilities to ensure a convenient journey for all guests. As Rembele Airport serves a variety of arrivals and departuresflight time as well as flight status can be easily viewed from inside the newly-modelled airport terminal.  

Top Facilities: 

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