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About Tana Toraja Airport

Tana Toraja or also known as the Toraja Highlands is a stunning mountainous region of South Sulawesi in Indonesia populated by an indigenous ethnic group called the Torajans. Regarded as the second top destination to visit in Indonesia after Bali, Tana Toraja attracts many history buffs keen in witnessing the Torajans’ unique funeral rituals and their ancient traditions untouched by the modern world.  

Formerly reachable only by a strenuous car journey, Tana Toraja is now accessible via an hour flight service from the neighbouring Makassar via Tana Toraja Airport or more often recognised as Pongtiku Airport. Popular domestic airlines offer regular flight schedules to Tana Toraja Airport where flight tickets can seamlessly be reviewed from online booking platforms, anytime and anywhere. 

How to Get to Tana Toraja Airport 

The Tana Toraja Airport is located quite far from distinctive landmarks within the town area. However, travellers can book a local Bemo/Mikrolet or taxi vans from their accommodations to Tana Toraja Airport for a reasonable fare. The nearest facility would be the Catholic Church of Rantetayo about 5-minute drive away while the Rattundu Market is approximately 12 minutes from the airport by car ride. 

Popular Flight Operators 

few local domestic airlines serve daily flight services from Tana Toraja Airport primarily to the city of Makassar that can be reserved with cheap flight ticket prices via online booking platforms. 

Popular Flight Route 

Popular flight route from Tana Toraja Airport in Indonesia. 

Facilities in Tana Toraja Airport 

Tana Toraja Airport possesses about 1,300 meters of runway size capable of accommodating the arrivals of medium-sized aeroplanes. The small terminal complex is furnished with basic facilities stated below for passengers to utilise before flight departures: 

Main features: 

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Tana Toraja Airport

Jl. Raya Bandara Pongtiku, Rantetayo, Padangiring, Rantetayo, Kabupaten Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan 91862, Indonesia
+62 423 22277

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