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Billion Stars is Launching New Route

Billion Stars is Launching New Route

March 27th, 2014

Billion Stars, previously known as Lion Stars, is launching a new route. The new opened bus routes can be located in Easybook.com. After buying a bus ticket, travelers can go to some popular routes like bus from Singapore to KL, Penang, Ipoh, Butterworth, Taiping and Kangsar from Ipoh to KL, Singapore; from Malacca to KL, from KL to Penang and a lot more. At present, travelers can book their bus tickets instantly and enjoy roaming around through Billion Stars express busses to Singapore and Johor Larkin. The bus company also offers one way route express bus trip from Kuala Lumpur. Its loading point would be at one Utama bus terminal or one Utama Shopping Complex.

To meet the needs of every traveler, Billion Stars will be offering this business from 1 Utama to Johor, Bahru and Singapore. The unload point for Johor will be at Johor Larkin Bus Terminal while the unload point for Singapore will be at Golden Mile Complex. Though Billion Stars launches a new route, it doesn't mean that they will ask high bus ticket prices. The express bus ticket is fairly cheap. With their offered affordable bus fare, travelers don't have to worry on how to visit one place to other. They can travel without spending more cash.

Billion Stars also ensures that their busses are in good condition before departing. Each bus is filled with perfect design to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing trip. Since it is loaded with perfect features, travelers will go to their destination in a fast and safe way. To get the bus tickets of Billion Stars, travelers need to book their tickets at Easybook.com. This process provides hassle-free and effective way. As expected, this bus company is getting more passengers. Most tourists and travelers desire to buy tickets to visit distinct places.

Billion Stars are committed to providing the best travel experience to their customers. With their latest route, their passengers are certain that they will get a ticket in a fast and easy way. They just need to check Easybook.com and enjoy traveling.

Source: http://allthehobbies.com/billion-stars-is-launching-new-route

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