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Easybook Now Offers Route to Mersing

Easybook Now Offers Route to Mersing

Jun 06th, 2014

Easybook launches new routes to Mersing and other nearby destinations.

Singapore is a city state in the heart of the Southeast Asia. It has a huge population and it includes a variety of different communities. Among those, the most common are the Indian community and the Chinese Community. The center of trade and industry in the city can be located in the southern part of it. The market and trade is so active in this city state that's the reason why there are a lot of people who are starting-up a venture in this location.

In Singapore, tourism is also widely promoted. There are millions of tourists that came from different parts across the globe who visit the place and from the city; they are also visiting other land spots nearby including some destinations in the surrounding countries.

Mersing town is one of the most visited places and the best portal to go to this destination is the city of Singapore. There are buses from Singapore to Mersing that offers daily trips at a very reasonable price. The best online booking platform that one can trust to avail for the coaches is the Easybook.com.

They have the best travel and tour coaches company that can assist people in their traveling needs.

About Maju Express Transport and Service PTE Ltd

Maju Express is an expert service provider that can offer to each and every client a remarkable travel and tour service. They are providing daily trips from Singapore to Malaysia. They also have trips via bus from Singapore to Mersing.

The company has the most highly advanced and luxurious Coaches that will surely fit ones traveling needs. Aside from their Mersing route, they also offer other nearby country destinations to every Tourist out there.

About Easybook.com

Easybook.com is one of the Asia's leading and trusted online travel booking site located in Singapore. Visit the nearby nations from Singapore through this site and experience the easiest and fastest way to schedule your travel. They offer world class coaches for your comfortable traveling needs. This company is capable of providing their clients at least 6000 bus departures on a daily basis to all other nearby country destination.

Easybook.com has partnered with over 60 travel and tours agencies and executive and luxurious coaches in Singapore. With their dedicated service and excellence in providing the traveling needs of both local and foreign tourists, the company is rapidly growing in a fast pace these days.

Source: http://www.busbyway.com/2014/06/07/easibook-now-offers-route-to-mersing

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