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Bien Hoa Railway Station

Conquered by the French in 1861 after the prolonged Vietnamese resistance, Bien Hoa is one of the few oldest cities situated within the province of Dong Nai in Vietnam. It is located 27 kilometres northeast of Ho Chi Minh City with extensive industrialisation producing steel and metal products making it the centre of Southern Vietnam’s industry.  

Other than being home to approximately 1.1 million residents, Bien Hoa is also home to several indigenous attractions offering a rich culture including nature reserves, temples, museums, exquisite golf courses and exceptional food selections. Bien Hoa is widely known for its booming manufacturing culture furnishing an intricate scenery disparate to anywhere else.  

The locality of Bien Hoa provides its train station for feasible connections from major cities into the town. Bien Hoa Station is one of the many railway stations in Vietnam furnishing efficient services to commute passengers from distinctive locations into Bien Hoa. 

How to Get to Bien Hoa Station 

For international travels, flights to Ho Chi Minh City can be taken whereby flights will arrive in Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The airport is situated about 31 kilometres from the centre of Bien Hoa. Upon arrival at the airport, commute to the nearest train station known as Saigon Train Station to get to Bien Hoa Station.  The shuttle train from Saigon Train Station will take around 50 minutes to reach Bien Hoa Station with several shuttles per day. 

A taxi ride from Ho Chi Minh City is a convenient way to get to Bien Hoa Station as it will be the fastest means to commute between the two locations. Although it may be costly, taxis offer flexibility as the service provides pick-up points from anywhere within Vietnam. 

With numerous trips, bus services to Bien Hoa Station can also be attained with cheap ticket prices and reliable services. Buses heading to Bien Hoa stopping at the bus station in Bien Hoa include service #04, #07 and #09. Other bus services are also available stopping in nearby bus stations within Bien Hoa 

Popular Train Service  

Currently, the only train operator providing services and running through Bien Hoa Station is Vietnam National Railway. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes utilised in Bien Hoa Station 

Facilities provided in Bien Hoa Station 

Similar to other rail stationsBien Hoa Station provides all the essentials needed within a train station. Train operations inside the station run on a regular train schedule with train ticket prices offered at an affordable range.  

Several facilities are provided within Bien Hoa Station to cater to the convenience of public use. Signages are widely available near the station with several ticket counters for confirmation of train tickets and timetables. Offering a sheltered waiting area, its foyer is furnished with benches for passengers to relax while waiting for train departures.  

Top features in Bien Hoa Station 


Bien Hoa is one of the many exciting tourist spots for visitors passing through Vietnam. From explorations into the country’s rich history to entertaining recreational activities, start with some of the most popular attractions at exquisite sites including Buu Long Pagoda and Thuy Chau Tourist Site.  

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Bien Hoa Railway Station

Hung Dao Vuong, Thong Nhat, Bien Hoa Province, Dong Nai, Vietnam

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