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About Di An Station

Binh Duong Province, situated in the southern parts of Vietnam is a well-known travel destination among many tourists. It is known for the abundance of craft villages producing ceramics, pottery, wooden shoes and wooden sculptures. These craftworks can be found in spots such as Minh Long Ceramics, Binh Nham Wooden Shoe Village as well as Phu Tho Wood Sculpture Village.  

The province of Binh Duong is easily accessible via a Vietnamese train ride. Di An Station is a rail station that can be found within Binh Duong Province. It runs on the North-South Railway line mainly serving the town of Di An.  

How to Get to Di An Station 

The fastest way of getting to Di An Train Station is by boarding a taxi. Numerous taxis are easily attainable within Vietnam although it is advisable to board metered taxis to avoid high charges. Another feasible alternative to get to the railway station is by taking train services as several trains running to Hanoi pass by and make a stop in Di An Station 

Popular Train Service  

As trains in Di An Station runs through the North-South Railway Line, convenient train services are primarily offered by the Vietnam Railways. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes in Di An StationVietnam 

Facilities in Di An train Station 

The locals primarily utilise Di An Station within the town of Di An in Binh Duong Province as a transit station. Several facilities are provided within the railway station for the convenience of those running in and out of the station. A ticket counter is accessible inside the train station 
Train schedules for several train services can be viewed within the train station. A waiting area is also provided equipped with a roof for shelter as well as several benches to wait for train departures.  
Top facilities: 


Sevral train timetables are offered in Di An Train Station with efficient train services provided ensuring on-time departures as well as arrivals. Train tickets can now be conveniently purchased through an online booking site onboard many trains with tickets available at affordable prices.  Book a train ticket on Easybook now and enjoy affordable train fares for travels around Vietnam. 

Di An Station

Nguyen An Ninh, Di An, Tx. Di An, Binh Duong, Vietnam
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