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About Kuala Krau Railway Station

The town of Kuala Krau is situated in the district of Temerloh, Pahang. Surrounded by expansive rainforests, one of the many attractions within Kuala Krau is Benum Hill as well as Krau Wildlife Reserve; the largest wildlife reserve in Peninsular Malaysia located in Banjaran Titiwangsa. Due to the nature of Kuala Krau’s dense forest area, many birds species, primates and bats can be found surrounding the area.

Kuala Krau Railway Station is strategically constructed in the centre of the town of Kuala Krau. Generally, the train station serves KTM Intercity train services covering the route running through KTM East Coast Line.

How to Get to Kuala Krau Railway Station

Public transportations around Kuala Krau is minimal limiting convenient access to Kuala Krau Railway Station. The most economical option of getting to the station is by boarding a train as it move efficiently according to the respective train schedules.

Take KTM services via KTM Intercity running on the East Coast Line whereby the route covers between Tumpat in Kelantan and Johor Bahru Sentral. The journey from Gemas Train Station will take 4 hours to reach Kuala Krau Railway Station via KTM Intercity trains.

Popular Train Operator in Kuala Krau Railway Station

Only one train operator is available within Kuala Krau Railway Station namely KTM Berhad. KTM is widely known by the locals for its daily consistent services offering various routes as well as being noted as a reliable train operator. Please review train schedules beforehand to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free journey.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Kuala Krau Railway Station in Pahang

Facilities in Kuala Krau Railway Station

Falling into place with the rest of the town’s infrastructure, Kuala Krau Railway Station has been around for a long time in which not much renovation has been done. Basic amenities are provided within the train station including ticketing counters to purchase and collect train tickets for train trips. The station is also equipped with several benches beside the train platform where passengers can wait for train departures.

In terms of food, an array of food stalls as well as convenient stores are located nearby just outside the train station. A free parking space is also offered for those who wish to drive towards the station. Kuala Krau Railway Station operates systematically to cater for those utilising the train station offering efficient services.

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Primarily served by KTM Berhad, Kuala Krau Railway Station offers train services via its route running through the East Coast Line that stretches from Kelantan to Johor. Please note that train services via KTM ETS are not provided within the train station. The town of Kuala Krau is known among locals as well as travellers as it is situated near vast rainforests and several wildlife reserve spots.

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Kuala Krau Railway Station Contact Details

Kuala Krau Railway Station, Kampung Sekuh, 28050 Kuala Krau, Pahang
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