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About Mandalay Railway Station

Situated in downtown Mandalay lies one of the largest railway stations in Myanmar called Mandalay Railway Station. This train station serves as the gateway for Upper Myanmar to the national rail network that stretches over 3,126 miles, as well as being the terminus of the main rail line departing from Yangon to multiple railway stations along the route. Built as seven-storey complex, Mandalay Railway Station is also attached to Marvel Hotel.  

The train journey from Mandalay Railway Station allows passengers to experience the amazing sights while getting to know the locals onboard too. The sleeper carriages together with the upper classes can ensure a pleasant journey for travellers compared to taking local buses on bumpy roads. Head over to Easybook online booking website to book train ticketto and from Mandalay. 

How to Get to Mandalay Train Station 

Known as the second largest city in Myanmar, getting to Mandalay Railway Station is easy with affordable fares. Travellers can take the bus from Yangon or Bagan to Mandalay that takes at least 5 to 9 hours, then continue their way to the Mandalay train station by the taxi that can be hailed by the side of the roads.  

Popular Train Operator 

All railway stations in Myanmar is operated and managed by the national train operator known as Myanmar Railways. With various train schedules, travellers can choose upon the desired travel time and review train ticket price feasibly at Easybook no matter the distance. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Mandalay Railway Station in Myanmar. 

Facilities in Mandalay Railway Station 

Like any other railway stations, Mandalay train station provides basic facilities. Visitors are provided with a sheltered waiting area, washrooms, food vendors and even accommodation within the building called Marvel Hotel along with a few ticketing counters as well as tourist information office. There is also a display board showing train timetable at the station too. 

Top features: 


One of the best ways to explore the attractions of Myanmar is by trains as it allows the traveller to get from one city to another conveniently. Wait no longer and plan a memorable trip via trains from Mandalay Railway Station to varied railway stations along the route. 

Travellers can now book their train tickets with reasonable train fare in and around Mandalay easily with the help of Easybook online booking website. With a variety of train schedules to choose from, book your train ticket and embark on an adventurous journey in Myanmar with Easybook today! 

Mandalay Railway Station

Mandalay Rail Station, 78th St, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)
+95 9 44402 5004

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