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About Nong Tom Railway Station

Thailand’s Phitsanulok offers several historic attractions and unique sights. Phitsanulok is one of the many Thai provinces whereby its city is famed for national parks as well as wildlife sanctuaries.  

Opened in November 1908, Nong Tom Railway Station is a rail station within Phitsanulok in Phrom Phiram District. The train station lies about 420 kilometres away from Bangkok Railway Station and is categorised as a class 2 railway station running through the Northern Line of the State Railway of Thailand 

How to Get to Nong Tom Railway Station 

As part of the Northern Line extension running from Phitsanulok to Ban Dara Junction, the easiest and most economical way to get to Nong Tom Railway Station is by boarding trainsTrains running through the route of Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Bangkok and Nakhon Sawan – Chiang Mai – Nakhon Sawan make a stop at the train station. Another feasible alternative to get to Nong Tom Railway Station is to take a metered taxi. It is advisable to ensure that a metered taxi is utilised before beginning a journey. 

Popular Train Operator 

Offering numerous trains with regular train schedules, the State Railway of Thailand is the primary train operator running its operations in Nong Tom Railway Station. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Nong Tom Station in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand 

Facilities in Nong Tom Railway Station  

Not much is offered within Nong Tom Railway Station as it is not a major train stop or interchange station. Inside the train station, only several basic facilities are provided to cater for those running in and out of Nong Tom Railway Station 

Train tickets in Nong Tom Railway Station are offered at a reasonable range, and several train schedules are available for viewing. A waiting area is provided equipped with a roof for shelter as well as several benches to wait for train departures.  

Top facilities: 


Trains within Nong Tom Railway Station offer several train schedules with efficient arrivals as well as departures. Low railway ticket prices are also provided at the train station. With Easybook online booking site, train tickets to many exciting destinations within Thailand can be booked easily just within a few clicks. Check out train timetables now and book train ticket online to enjoy affordable train fares. 

Nong Tom Railway Station

Matong, Phrom Phiram District, Phitsanulok 65180, Thailand
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