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About Paloh Railway Station

A rather small town called Paloh is in the district of Kluang in Johor, Malaysia. Surrounded by palm oil and rubber plantations, Paloh is referred to as a “black area” in the past whereby Communist activity was spreading at the time. Nowadays, Paloh town is known for its authentic local cuisines thus making it a must-visit place to eat out whenever travellers visit Johor.

Located conveniently in the heart of the town is Paloh Railway Station. This train station is operated by KTMB, serving travellers the KTM Intercity train service. Its train route connects Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru via the North-South Line.

How to Get to Paloh Railway Station

The favourable yet cheap way to get to Paloh Railway Station is by train. From KL Sentral, take the ETS train towards Gemas station. To continue your journey to Paloh, travellers will need to switch trains via KTM Intercity at Gemas station.

The train journey from KL Sentral all the way to Paloh Railway Station takes at least 5 hours including a transfer at Gemas to arrive at the said train station. Also, travellers may depart from any ETS stations of the same train route to get to Paloh Railway Station.

Popular Train Operator

Paloh Railway Station is operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or widely known as KTMB among the locals in Malaysia.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Paloh Railway Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in Paloh Railway Station

Travellers may access basic facilities provided in Paloh Railway Station. This train station has a sheltered waiting area with seats for travellers to rest upon while waiting for their trains to arrive at the station. To those who drive their vehicles, there are several parking spaces available within the premise for public use.

Top features:


Widely known among locals and travellers for its authentic mouth-watering local delicacies, Paloh town has become one of the must-visit places when visiting Johor. The favourable way to get to Paloh town is by train service where passengers can enjoy the fantastic scenic views of the area during the long-distance train journey.

Located in the heart of Paloh town, Paloh Railway Station serves the community with the KTM Intercity train service that travels to several places within the existing train route conveniently. Travellers may review train schedules for the chosen travel date here on Easybook website or via our mobile application.

Paloh Railway Station Contact Details:

Paloh Railway Station, Kampung Muhibbah, 85400 Paloh, Johor
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