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About Poipet Railway Station

Railway stations in Cambodia including Poipet Station are under major constructions by the government to provide better connectivity as well as varied train schedule to neighbouring Thailand in hopes to attract more foreign travellers whose keen to explore both countries like a true local via train services.  

Poipet Station is located about 850 metres away from the border of Thailand at the top end of the train line from Phnom Penh Railway Station. Derelict for over ten years, Poipet Station has recently been reopened and provides limited services with cheap train fares to train stations of Battambang, Pursat, along with Phnom Penh. Train tickets can now be reviewed through Easybook online booking system or directly at the Poipet Station 

How to Get to Poipet Station 

Aside from boarding a train from respective railway stations within Cambodia, one can also opt for local taxis, private car hires or the cheap motorbike taxi to get to Poipet Train Station. Please do note that each transportation option bears different rates and travelling hours. Nearby landmarks like the Poipet New Market and Poipet Bus Station is around 5 minutes’ drive away to the railway station 

Popular Train Operator 

The railway station of Poipet is operated by the Royal Railways of Cambodia offering limited train services every Tuesdays to towns across the country. Passengers can check out train schedule and train ticket prices departing from Poipet Station via Easybook online booking platform. 

Popular Routes 

Popular train routes from Poipet Station in Cambodia. 

Facilities in Poipet Station 

Further renovations are being made to improve not just train services in Poipet Station, but the railway station’s facilities as well. Currently, guests can only access their ticketing counter located at the left portion of the main building, while other facilities like toilets and immigration offices are still under construction. 
Main features: 

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Poipet Railway Station

Poipet Rail Station, 5, Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia
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