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Quang Ngai Railway Station

Quang Ngai Station is one of the main railway stations on the North-South Railway (Reunification Express) that serves the city of Quang Ngai in central Vietnam. Located 1.5 km west from the town centre of Quang Ngai Province, the city borders  Nghĩa District on the south, west and east and Sơn Tịnh District on the north. Besides the rail station, air transport is served by Chu Lai International Airport in the nearby province of Quảng Nam. 

Local attractions include Mỹ Lai Massacre Memorial Museum (12 km from Quảng Ngãi), the beautiful Ba  Garden, Quảng Ngãi Square and Trà Khúc River. In recent years, this small region has transformed itself for further tourism development, gaining interest not only from locals but international tourist as well. 

How to get to Quang Ngai Station 

Situated within the middle of Quang Ngai city, travellers can navigate their way to the Quang Ngai Station with quite a few transportation options. The most hassle-free way to get to the train station from Quang Ngai city is by riding the taxi. Taxis generally have two kinds of services which are taxi-sharing (rideshare) and the usual private taxi. Taxi-sharing is much cheaper for travellers who are on a tight budget. Passengers can ask for refund if the service is unsatisfactory.  

Local bus service is also optional. Passengers must wait at the bus stops to board, so look for the blue signs with the bus symbol and the route to avoid unwanted confusion. Mai Linh is a reliable operator that covers routes to most part of the city with a fleet of well-kept green buses that are air-conditioned with fare based on the distance travelled.  

Popular Train Operator in Quang Ngai Station 

The two main train operators at Quang Ngai Station are Violette Express and Vietnam National RailwayTrains at Quang Ngai Station are dependable and operate according to the train scheduleTravellers can make online booking for the train ticket via Easybook 

Popular Train Routes and Trips 

Popular train routes from Quang Ngai Station in Vietnam. 

Facilities in Quang Ngai Station 

Most railway stations in Vietnam are equipped with several basic facilities for the convenience of public use. Quang Ngai Station provides amenities like toilets, waiting area with seats for passengers to rest while waiting for the trains, and ticket counters to buy or collect train tickets as well as confirming the train schedule. There is also a car park at the train station for visitors to safely park their vehicles.  

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Quang Ngai Railway Station

1, Nguyễn Chánh, Trần Phú, Tp. Quảng Ngãi, Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam
+84 439425972

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