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Train Stations

About TasekGelugor Train Station

TasekGelugor is a town in Penang, Malaysia and is home to the TasekGelugor Train Station. This railway station is located between the Bukit Tengah Railway Station in the south, while the Sungai Petani Railway Station is in the north.

Located on Malaysia’s North-South Line, TasekGelugor Train Station is served by KTMKomuter trains along with a few high-speed ETS trains travelling from Padang Besar towards Ipoh and KL Sentral in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The affordable commuter services can reach the railway station by KTMB that operates between Butterworth and Padang Besar. If travellers wish to get from TasekGelugor to Butterworth by train, there are plenty of services that run every hour during peak times in the morning and afternoon, then every two hours at other times.

How to Get to TasekGelugor Train Station

There are a few ways in getting to the TasekGelugor Train Station. The first option is that travellers can choose to take a bus by Rapid Bus Penang from the TasekGelugor area. Then, alight at any bus stop along Jalan Gelugor and hop on a taxi or book from a ride-hailing app to TasekGelugor Train Station.

Next option is via ETS train service that travellers can take from any ETS stations en route to TasekGelugor Train Station. It is also possible to take the KTMKomuter on the Butterworth – Padang Besar – Butterworth train that goes towards TasekGelugor Train Station.

Popular Train Operator in TasekGelugor Train Station

The national Malayan Railway or KTMB serves the TasekGelugor Train Station. Travellers can take either the ETS train or KTMKomuter train services to go to the desired destinations.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from TasekGelugor Train Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in TasekGelugor Train Station

The TasekGelugor Train Station provides basic facilities and amenities for the public use. There is a free parking space within the premise of the railway station for the convenience of the travellers from afar or getting there in their car.

Top features:


The TasekGelugor Train Station is one of the many railway stations in Penang Island whereby this railway station is served by the national Malayan Railway or KTMB. Located on Malaysia’s North-South Line, TasekGelugor Train Station has a few high-speed ETS train services a day as well as the usual KTMKomuter train services to various destinations within the available train route.Basic facilities and amenities are provided at TasekGelugor Train Station to cater to the needs of travellers before their departure.

TasekGelugor Train Station Contact Details:

TasekGelugor Train Station, 13100 TasekGelugor, Penang
+604-331 2796

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