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About Yangon Central Railway Station

Designated as a historical landmark, the Yangon Central Railway Station was built and designed in a traditional Burmese architectural style which makes it an excellent spot for taking photographs. The Yangon Central Railway Station is also deemed as the largest railway station in Myanmar which acts as a significant hub providing connectivity to cities across the country like Mandalay and Bagan with its daily train services. Whatever the occasions may be, commuters can find choices of train schedule at Yangon Central Railway Station with the help of Easybook online booking platform. 

How to Get to Yangon Central Railway Station 

Local transportation services such as taxis, tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis are obtainable to reach Yangon Central Railway Station as the train station is located within the city centre. Accommodations like Sule Shangri-La Hotel are 15 minutes away, while Parkroyal Yangon is only 5 minutes away to the railway station. Besides that, commuters can opt for train services from trips available along the respective train route then alight at the railway station of Yangon Central easily. 

Popular Train Operator 

The Myanmar Railways operate Yangon Central Railway StationMultiple train lines are departing from this train station to routes across Myanmar that can be found with a different timetable as well as reasonably priced train fare 

Popular Routes 

Popular train routes from Yangon Central Railway Station in Myanmar. 

Facilities in Yangon Central Railway Station 

Several facilities are accessible within the railway station of Yangon which includes ATMs, a sundry shop as well as food stalls selling local snacks and beverages, well-maintained toilets, along with parking area for guests’ convenience.  

Top features: 

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Yangon Central Railway Station

Yangon Central Rail Station, Kun Chan Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
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